Employment disputes do occur. In recent years employment law has become more complex. We aim to give you rational and sensible advice to get the best result for you.

If you have been treated unfairly by your employers or have been threatened with dismissal or redundancy, it is better to seek advice quickly as you are more likely to resolved the matter.

We can help you with most types of problems including breach of contract claims, unfair and wrongful dismissals, advice on compromise/severance agreements, redundancy issues, maternity and other rights, sex, gender, race, age or disability discrimination and compliance with grievance and disciplinary procedures.

If you are sacked on sexual, racial or disability grounds, then there is potentially no limit to size of the claim. However, in practice, most settlements are below the limit of £55,000.

We can advise you on your rights and the likelihood of your claim succeeding. For example, if you have been employed for a continuous period of more than one year with the same employer, then you have a statutory right not to be unfairly dismissed. This can mean that you can recover an award for the fact of the unfair dismissal and you can also recover a sum if you lose any future earnings or benefits as a result.

However, it may not always make economic sense for you to pursue a claim. If this is likely to be the case, we will tell you and you can then make an informed decision about whether or not to pursue the claim.

Negotiating a successful solution

In the most cases, this will not be necessary as we always try to settle the matter amicably. We always make contact with the other side, setting out your case in full and asking for their comments and responding to their proposals for settlement of the case. If you are making a claim, we always fight to get the best possible offer. If you are defending a claim, we will assess the chances of success and negotiate the best settlement possible.

Taking Employment Tribunal action

Once Tribunal action starts, the other side are under pressure to negotiate a settlement that is satisfactory to all parties. There is a strict schedule to be followed after proceedings have been commenced. If the case is not prepared properly, costs could be imposed against you or the case dismissed altogether. Therefore it is important to instruct solicitors who are efficient and well-organised. We will start Tribunal proceedings for you (or file a defence), prepare the evidence to be used, continue to negotiate a good settlement, or if unsuccessful represent you at the hearing.

Enforcing the Tribunal’s decision

If you are successful, the other side usually has to pay the settlement sum within 14 days. If they do not, the judgment is registered at the local County Court and enforcement proceedings will be commenced.

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