Electric Bike Accident Claims, Goodge Law

Goodge Law Win Electric Bike Accident Claim

Read how we won a case for our client who was involved in an ebike accident.

Cycle Accident Compensation Goodge Law

Cycle Accident Compensation Case Study

Read how we won £15,000 in a claim where the cyclist was not wearing a helmet.

Cycling On Pavement Rules, Goodge Law

Cycling On Pavements – What Are The Rules?

If you are about to enter the personal injury claim process, then here are Goodge Law’s Top 7 tips to make it all go as smoothly as possible.

Cycling Accident Compensation - Goodge Law

Cycling accident compensation – what to do after a Bicycle Accident?

Whether you are injured or not, knowing what to do when involved in a bicycle or motorcycle accident could be the difference in success and failure in the subsequent legal claim for compensation.

Injured While Cycling Claim - Goodge Law

I’ve been injured while cycling – what should I do next? (Vehicle Registration)

If you have sustained a personal injury in a cycling accident involving a vehicle it’s very important to gather it's registration number.

Injured While Cycling Claim - Goodge Law

Cycling Injury – what should I do next? (Witness statements)

If you have sustained a personal injury in a cycling accident and there are witnesses, it is extremely important that you collect their contact details.

Cycling Accidents, Winter Cycling Accidents

Cycling accidents and negligence

Cycling accidents are inevitable in very cold conditions. People can slip and fall while out walking, cycling or perhaps become involved in a road traffic accident. The cold weather doesn’t necessarily result in a flood...