Should I accept first insurance offer?

Should You Accept First Insurance Offer - Goodge Law

I am often contacted by a potential client who has been injured in an accident which wasn’t their fault and asked if they should accept the first insurance offer. The client explains to me that the other insurers have been in contact and offered a hire car, physiotherapy treatment as well as £1,000 compensation for injuries.

The client is in a quandary – what to do as the offer sounds more than reasonable? Take it or instruct a solicitor to fight for more compensation? My advice always is that this first offer should not be accepted without speaking to a personal injury solicitor who can properly assess your claim.

If you have sustained a whiplash injury, this rarely gets better overnight. There is every chance that you will need treatment. If you’re unable to work, then you may need to recover your lost earnings. There are all sorts of other things that can be claimed that you may not initially have considered.

Offers of £1,000 are commonplace in road traffic accident cases, particularly where the injured party is not represented by a personal injury solicitor. The insurers offer the money as an incentive to settle early. However, most whiplash injury cases usually settle for sums in excess of £2,500, with additional compensation for lost earnings and other expenses. These early offers are known as “pre-medical offers” or “pre-med offers”.

According to reports, the government will soon be taking steps to ensure that this practice becomes a thing of the past. It also encourages fraudulent claims as people know that their case is unlikely to be subject to proper scrutiny.

With personal injury claims becoming increasingly complex, it’s in your best interests to seek legal advice before agreeing to accept any offer.

All personal injury cases are different and require specialist care. Whiplash claims especially can be chronically undervalued, especially by inexperienced or unqualified claimant representatives, so it is essential that you seek proper advice.

Be careful as, if you accept the first insurance offer, you are bound by it and will not be able to pursue any losses in the future if you forget something or your injuries do not recover as expected.

Don’t fall into this trap! Call me for a no-obligation consultation – and I would be happy to discuss all aspects of your personal injury claim to decide the best way to proceed.

I am an expert in securing compensation for people who have been injured in accidents that were not their fault. I work on a no win-no fee basis so you will never have to fund any part of your claim.