Photographing personal injury clients: a winning ethos

Photograph Injuries - How to and best practice

A guest blog about making photographs that help build personal injury cases. By photographer Mark Burton

In my last guest blog I talked about the importance of making sure that people who’ve suffered personal injuries feel comfortable and relaxed when they’re having scars or wounds photographed.

This blog will explain the way I take photographs that are accurate representations of personal injuries – and how they can play an important role in ensuring victims receive the compensation they deserve.

Over the years I have learned numerous tricks of the photographic trade so I can create images that are a ‘version’ of the truth. For example, I can use light in a way that creates very flattering portraits or using Photoshop to remove blemishes or spots. These are simple tricks and can be used in reversed – so I can quite easily use light to ensure I take unflattering photos or make things look much worse than they are.

This latter skill might seem a very useful for someone who is photographing scars or wounds. You might imagine a personal injury solicitor seeking out this kind of expertise. However, the feedback I’ve always had from my client’s is that they hire me because I don’t manipulate images in Photoshop – and they look like accurate representations of the truth.  When I’m commissioned by personal injury lawyers, I will of course use my knowledge when photographing injuries. I’ll accurately illustrate a wound or scar by shooting at particular angle and using a specialised close-up lens.

However, what I always imagine when I’m making these photographic illustrations of personal injuries is them being placed in front of a judge. If my images look manipulated they could be dismissed and weaken the whole case. Instead, I know my photographs have been used to help build robust personal injury, no-win no-fee cases which have prompted insurance companies to offer fair compensation. Additionally, my images have also been used in court after insurance companies have refused to settle. They have played their part winning compensation for the victims of preventable accidents and medical negligence.

Mark Burton

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