I’ve been injured while cycling – what should I do next? (Vehicle Registration)

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Answer 2 – gathering evidence of any vehicles involved

If you have been injured while cycling that involved a vehicle it’s very important to gather it’s registration number. In fast moving situations, especially if you’ve just been hit by a vehicle then accurately recording this information can be very difficult. But even if you’re not able to collect this information a witness may have been able to. (In an earlier blog post about cycling accidents, we discussed the importance of collecting witness statements.)

In many cases, vehicles involved in accidents come to a stop. So if you’re able to, please write down:

1. the registration number
2. the colour, make and model
3. some brief notes about the driver including approximate age, skin and hair colour. Maybe include details such as what they were wearing, if they had glasses on etc
4. the driver’s insurance details which they may or may not give you (or be able to give you)
5. the drivers name, address, telephone number and email

In an ideal world, you will be able to collect all this information – but in the aftermath of an accident this may not be possible. At the very least, do your very best to collect the registration number. Sometimes drivers provide false information about their name and address – but a driver’s identity can be checked on the motor insurer’s database.

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