HSE: Health and Safety Executive

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The HSE or Health and Safety Executive is an independent watchdog and regulator which acts in the public interest to reduce work-related deaths, improve safety and prevent illness in workplaces in Great Britain.

They run awareness and safety campaigns throughout the year, highlighting issues affecting millions of UK workers.

They ask employees, business leaders, workers and workers representatives to contribute to their work in creating and evolving their strategy.

Their work aims to make real change to Britain’s workers: 180 people lost their lives as a result of their work during 2008-09, and over one million were made ill or were injured while at work.

The HSE also enforces health and safety regulations. Recently they prosecuted a firm which had modified a lid-making machine which caused an accident and an employee lost four fingers.

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According to the HSE website:

HSE leads the way, but doesn’t act alone. Everyone has a part to play – employers, unions, trade associations, professional bodies, academics and others.

Working in partnership is one of our strengths. It’s at the heart of how we protect workers and the public.

We concentrate on the most serious risks. We target industries with the greatest hazards, and sectors with the worst risk management record.

We are firm and fair when using our legal powers. Inspection helps us check that serious risks are managed sensibly. When things go wrong, investigation helps us get to the truth and learn lessons.

We hold employers to account for their failures and get answers for victims and make workplaces safer.

The world of work is always changing. We use science to understand these changes. And that understanding helps us all prepare for the workplaces of tomorrow…so Great Britain continues to be one of the safest and best places to work and do business.

We are the Health and Safety Executive.