Do you need personal injury liability insurance?

Personal Injury Liability Insurance - Goodge Law

Personal injury liability insurance protects you for damages and legal costs in the event that you are responsible for causing property damage or personal injury to someone. An example is that someone visits your house and slips over injuring themselves. They then claim against you on the basis that you failed to make sure your house was safe.

Do you need personal liability insurance?

  • In the UK, freestanding personal liability insurance is unusual. This is because it is included within many insurance packages.
  • In your personal life, most people do not have personal liability insurance cover as their activities will not be high risk.
  • At work, your business’s insurance policy should cover you for any accidents that may occur.
  • If you are an employee, your employer should have public liability insurance which will cover any loss or damage to someone caused by an employee while at work.
  • If you are self-employed, self-employed public liability insurance is necessary to cover you personally in the same circumstances.

Are there any insurance policies that already cover me for claims?

  • Buildings and contents insurance are likely to protect you if someone is injured in an accident at your home. It may also cover your liability in a personal capacity (not just as owner or occupier of your home) which includes accidents from your leisure activities such as golf or cycling.
  • Travel insurance – for accidents that may happen while you are abroad

Even though court cases for personal liability claims are rare, it is important to check your personal injury liability insurance policies to make sure that personal liability insurance is included as a feature.

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