Cycling accident compensation – what to do after a Bicycle Accident?

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When out and about on your bike, safety is the most important thing. However, at some point, you may be in an accident involving a motorist. Whether you are injured or not, knowing what to do in those circumstances could be the difference in success and failure in the subsequent legal claim for your cycling accident compensation.

The following checklist will preserve important information and be invaluable for your legal advisor later on:

Call the Police

You and the other motorist are legally obligated to remain at the scene if you have had an accident causing injury or property damage. Even if you believe you are not injured, it is best to call the police and wait for them to arrive as you may only realise later on that you’ve been injured. Once you have left the scene, it is likely to be impossible to track down the motorist.

Obtain the Driver’s Details

Exchange details including name, address, phone number, registration number, make and model of car, insurance company name and policy number.

Obtain Witness Details

Write down their names, addresses and phone numbers. I have written a more detailed blog on this here

Take Photographs

Most people now have a smartphone so you should take photographs of damage to all vehicles and the accident location showing any road signs or markings. I have written a more detailed blog on this here

If your accident involved a pothole or defective road, take photographs of the length, depth and width including landmarks or road signs so that the defect can be easily identified. I have written a more detailed blog on this here

Speak to the Police

Police are sometimes more concerned with recording the driver’s version of events. You should ensure that they take your statement as well whilst reporting any injury however minor. You should also obtain the accident report number and write it down.

Never Negotiate with the Driver

Do not negotiate with the driver even if he apologises and admits liability. You may be unaware of the full extent of your injuries and bike damage and, in any case, the driver may change his mind and deny the admission. A court will add little or no weight to a brief chat after the accident when one of both parties could have been in shock.

Document the Accident Circumstances

As soon as you are able to make a written note about what happened in the accident. This should include the time and date, where and how it happened including traffic and weather conditions. Draw a plan of the accident showing how the accident took place.

Seek Immediate Medical Attention and Document Injuries

Even if your injuries are minor, consult a doctor immediately. You are doing this for two reasons – firstly, so that you can be treated and, secondly, so there is a record of the injuries you sustained. Make sure you tell the doctor of all the injuries you sustained. Take photographs of your injuries and keep an injury diary to document your symptoms.

Preserve Evidence

Keep any damaged clothing and bike parts just in case the other insurers wish to inspect them. Do not repair your bike until you have asked the bike shop to prepare an estimate for repairs. If it is absolutely necessary repair the bike, take photographs of the damage and retain the damaged parts.

Never Negotiate with Insurance Companies

The driver’s insurance company may call you and attempt to settle the whole claim before you have all the information ready to support your losses. Do not negotiate your cycling accident compensation directly with any insurance company.

Seek Advice from a Professional BEFORE talking to your insurance company

Do not contact the insurance company before talking to a personal injury solicitor experienced in bicycle accident cases. Insurance companies will use anything you say against you later.

Remember that cyclists have the same rights as motor vehicle drivers. Drivers need to respect the rights of cyclists and be mindful of sharing the road and avoiding accidents, but it is also in your best interests to properly prepare yourself after an accident to make sure you are in the best position to make a claim. This will avoid the insurance company chipping away at your injury and property losses or even dispose of the claim completely.

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