CCTV footage & Use In Trips Or Slips Claim - Goodge Law

How CCTV footage and witness statements can help win trip & slip cases

Have you had a trip or slip accident in a supermarket or whilst out walking on pavements or roads? If so, the most important evidence can be either CCTV footage or witness statements – or...

Accident In SuperMarket Personal Injury Claim - Goodge Law

Can I make a personal injury claim for an accident in supermarket?

All supermarkets are legally obliged to ensure their stores are clean and safe. If they fail to uphold this responsibility and, as a result, you have an accident causing injury, you will be able to...

Photograph Injuries - How to and best practice

Photographing personal injury clients: a winning ethos

This blog will explain my ethos for taking photographs that are accurate representations of personal injuries

Personal Injury Photographs - Goodge Law

Photographing personal injury clients: the human story

A guest blog about recording evidence of personal injuries by photographer Mark Burton

Prepare for medical examination - Goodge Law

Is a medical expert truly independent?

In order to value a client’s injury claim it is not sufficient just to tell the other side the nature of the injuries and expect the parties to come to an accurate valuation. I will...

Alton Towers Accident - Smiler

What is the legal position of the Alton Towers accident?

Fairgrounds & amusement parks have a duty of care to their visitors Many of you would have read about the terrible accident on the Smiler ride at Alton Towers in which four people sustained serious...

Psychiatric Injury Claims - Goodge Law

Can I claim for a psychiatric injury that I have sustained?

I am regularly advised by clients they believe that they’ve sustained a psychiatric injury as a result of an accident. In English law a psychiatric injury is known as nervous shock. Often it is caused...

Sued for giving first aid?- Goodge Law

Can I be sued for giving first aid?

The SARAH bill will ensure that good samaritans are not sued if they perform first aid in an emergency situations.