Medical negligence lawyers Goodge Law

£40,000 compensation award for medical negligence case

Read about our £40,000 compensation award for a client who had suffered injuries due to medical negligence.

Civil Liability Act & Personal Injury - Goodge Law

What are the new personal injury reforms in the Civil Liability Act?

The Civil Liability Act contains reforms of whiplash claims and the way Personal Injury settlements are calculated.

What Is QOCS - Goodge Law

What is Qualified One-Way Costs Shifting – QOCS?

Qualified One-Way Costs Shifting (QOCS) was introduced for all personal injury claims from 1 April 2013. QOCS dictates that a successful defendant cannot recover his or her costs from the losing claimant, except in a...

Fundamental Dishonesty Explained, Goodge Law

What is fundamental dishonesty and how could it affect my claim?

Section 57 of the Criminal Justice and Courts Act 2015 states that if a court finds that the claimant is entitled to damages, but is satisfied that the claimant has been fundamentally dishonest, the court...

CCTV footage & Use In Trips Or Slips Claim - Goodge Law

How CCTV footage and witness statements can help win trip & slip cases

Have you had a trip or slip accident in a supermarket or whilst out walking on pavements or roads? If so, the most important evidence can be either CCTV footage or witness statements – or...

Accident In SuperMarket Personal Injury Claim - Goodge Law

Can I make a personal injury claim for an accident in supermarket?

All supermarkets are legally obliged to ensure their stores are clean and safe. If they fail to uphold this responsibility and, as a result, you have an accident causing injury, you will be able to...