When can I claim compensation?
You can claim compensation if you can prove that someone else is to blame for your accident. Most claims must be brought within three years of the accident. If the accident was more than three years ago, you may be too late.

Do I have to pay you to represent me?
No. If you have a Legal Expenses Insurance policy, we will be able to act on your behalf under the terms of this policy. If the claim is successful you will receive all of your compensation. If the claim is unsuccessful, we will claim our costs from your Legal Expenses Insurer.

If you do not have Legal Expenses Insurance, then we can act on your behalf under a ‘No Win-No Fee’ agreement (known as a Conditional Fee Agreement). In this scenario, you will receive most of your compensation if you win your personal injury case. Most of your legal costs will be recovered from the opposition.

If your claim is unsuccessful then under a “No Win-No Fee” agreement you will not have to pay our costs. You will still be responsible for the expenses of the claim (known as disbursements) and, in some situations, you will have to pay the other side’s legal costs. This risk can be minimised by obtaining After the Event Insurance which we will do on your behalf. This insures against the risk of losing your personal injury case so, if you do not win your case, you will not have to pay our costs or those of the other party.

How long will my claim take?
A simple claim where responsibility is not disputed can take as little as four months. However, a claim normally takes approximately 9-12 months. In the event of complex issues or multiple injuries, it can take a number of years.

How will the investigation process work in processing my claim?
The process will begin by investigating the accident claim and advising whether it is likely to be successful. This includes conducting site visits and subsequently contacting witnesses or the police.

This also means obtaining a detailed medical report confirming the nature and extent of your injuries and any long lasting effects you may have suffered or are likely to suffer in the future. At Goodge Law, your specialist injury lawyer will then prepare a detailed schedule of all the expenses that you have incurred because of the accident and establish how your accident will affect your earning potential in the future.

How much compensation will I get?
This depends on the extent of your injuries which a medical report will help to assess. You can also claim for your financial losses arising from an accident. The longer your injury affects you and your ability to work, the higher the compensation.

Please take a look at our Compensation Calculator to find out more about personal injury compensation guidelines.

If I am unable to work, how can I pay the bills?
If your employer stops paying you, then you should apply for state benefits. If the injury prevents you from working, you may also be able to claim loss of earnings. If there is no dispute about blame and if there is likely to be any delay, it is usually possible to obtain an advance payment of compensation before the final amount is agreed. This is known as an interim payment. Please speak to us about this so we can tell you exactly what documentation is needed to obtain an interim payment.

Can you visit me at home or in the hospital?
Yes, we can do this if you would like us to and you feel well enough to meet with us.

What about cases involving a child, infirm or mentally disabled person?
We will need to liaise with a parent or full-time carer.