What are the new personal injury reforms in the Civil Liability Bill?

The big news in the personal injury world this week has been the introduction in Parliament of the Civil Liability Bill which contains reforms of whiplash claims and changes to the way the discount rate...

Can I make a personal injury claim for a supermarket accident?

All supermarkets are legally obliged to ensure their stores are clean and safe. If they fail to uphold this responsibility and, as a result, you have an accident causing injury, you will be able to...

I’ve been injured while cycling – what should I do next? (Witness statements)

If you have sustained a personal injury in a cycling accident and there are witnesses, it is extremely important that you collect their contact details.

Should I Accept The First Offer Made By An Insurer?

The insurer's first offer sounds reasonable? Should I take it or instruct a personal injury solicitor to fight for more compensation?

Why do claims take such a long time?

Why do claims take such a long time? This is a question that clients, contacts and friends ask me all the time. It’s not an easy question to answer. In short, there are two reasons:...

Mike Greenstein from Goodge Law interviewed on LBC

The proposed changes to the current ‘no win no fee’ legislation have been in the news recently. The Government has been attacking personal injury solicitors for pursuing claims on behalf of their clients, without explaining...

What should you do if you have an accident at work?

Record a work place injury in Accident Report book to help any compensation claim, and other tops tips as recommended by personal injury solicitor and no win no fee expert.