Trip and slip injury and accident claims

If you have a trip or slip on a pavement, who is responsible? And what should you do?

In my personal injury law practice, trips and slips on pavements are some of the most common types of injury claim. Like my last blog, it’s important that as you take the relevant steps in preparing the groundwork to make sure that your personal injury claim has the best chance of being successful.

However minor the injury, you should always seek medical assistance not only so the doctor can help you, but also so your injury will be kept on record.

It sounds obvious but you should keep all expenses that you incur such as prescription costs, travel expenses and all types of receipts. I am often amazed when a client submits a list of expenses which often runs in the hundreds and sometimes thousands of pounds but who has failed to keep all his receipts. I advise all my clients to keep these receipts in a large envelope and only worry about sorting it out when it needs to be sent to me.

Regardless of whether you think you have a personal injury claim or not, take some good quality digital photographs immediately as they will show where your accident happened, what the defect was that caused your accident and how big a defect it was. Pictures should be taken from a variety of angles. If it is possible return to the accident location with a friend and a brightly coloured ruler and take some photographs showing the height of the defect. It is pretty useless showing a lovely shot of your partner holding a ruler when you can’t see the measurements on it!

Newspaper and ruler with trip and slip defect

To recap, three important things to remember:-

1. Include a ruler to show the height of the defect

2. Place that day’s newspaper with the date showing somewhere in the photo (but not obscuring the defect). This will prove which date the image was taken.

3. Failure to take pictures promptly will give those responsible such as the local council the opportunity to repair the defect before you have a chance to take your photographs….and if that happens you’ll have a real problem proving that the defect was dangerous.

It is important to take any witness details as they will be able to vouch for the injury at a later stage. And finally, make sure you notify whoever you think is responsible….but not until you’ve taken those all-important photographs.

If you have had a trip or slip accident and think you have a claim please contact me. I work on a no win, no fee basis and will be available to discuss the details of your claim – so please phone me on 020 7636 9222 or email me at: